Saturday, 12 April 2008

Alcohol Aware

This is my first ever posting on a blog but I have decided that my anger at the increasing hordes of people, organisations and authorities trying to interfere in my life needs to be expressed.

I am an individual. I am happy to accept factual information on earthly matters but I am not prepared to accept advice from others on how I should live my life. I am not prepared to accept interference or prohibition from authority except where my actions or proposed actions interfere with the rights of another individual.

All current trends are for the Government to try to become more involved in my life by prohibition, taxation and by invading my privacy. When their excuse for attempting to influence my life is that they do so for my own good,I begin to feel real rage. A line must be drawn here not only because I am affected by their interference but because they are trying to constrain your life too.

So, to kick off.

Who in the BBC decided that they should lead their morning news today with a story that a medical pressure group had called for wine in pubs to be sold in smaller glasses? The thesis was that this was at the root of the 'problem' of binge drinking.

They wheeled out a bearded busybody from Alcohol Aware who said that he would not only like to ban 250ml wine glasses but lower the alcoholic content of all drinks.

Was I alone in the world in being unable to conjure up any mental image other than that of his face disintegrating in slow motion under the impact of the fat end of a baseball bat?

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